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Most people have a pretty good grasp of what transpires in a move. Whether you will do it yourself or hire a Tacoma moving company it is fairly simple to acknowledge that you will have to pack, load, drive and travel, unload and unpack. That's the basics, it's pretty straightforward and at the end of the day what more needs to be understood, right?

That is correct in some cases, especially for you do it yourselfer's out there, but when you hire a Tacoma movers company here or elsewhere you have many other choices and things to know about.

With a local movers company there are options aplenty. Packing services and assistance, extra packing materials, additional manpower, insurance and increased insurance amounts, and much, much more.

Still sounds easy, right? Well, what about when you get to the paperwork, the contract of the move?

One of the least knows and thought about parts of hiring a moving company is when you receive the bill of lading.

What is this bill and what is this lading you might ask yourself, and we are here to explain that to you now!

In the easiest explanation possible a bill of lading is the contract between you and the residential movers company. State law requires that every move or shipment that is being transported here in Tacoma and beyond come complete with a bill of lading. You will receive this from the driver or supervisor of the moving crew and the following is what you can expect to be on this strange sounding "bill".

All of the legal print that you could ever enjoy reading in regards to your move will be on this bill of lading. If you have the time or have trouble sleeping make sure to leave this in a handy place for quick and interesting reading. All fun aside, however, you should familiarize yourself with the aspects of your move from the legal standpoint so you are in the know.

The name and address of the company that is shipping, or moving, your belongings will be on this bill.

The pick up and drop off addressed will be printed on the bill of lading and you will want to review this for accuracy. Of course if you are viewing it at your soon to be former Tacoma residence that part of it is correct, but you want to make sure your things arrive at the right home, your new home.

Every item that is loaded onto the truck to be moved will be listed on the bill. It will be itemized by boxes and goods and will also list the weight of what is being moved. Make sure when you receive this that you get a copy of the inventory of your possessions.

You will have the complete costs that you will incur on this statement and this you will also want to review to make sure that it matches the binding quote that was given to you.

If you have any special moving instructions they will appear on the bill of lading, as well.

Make sure to ask for your copy and review it to make sure everything is correct prior to departure.

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